Citrus Magic Products

Fresh and Fruity

Our best-selling Tropical Citrus Blend is an instant trip to the islands…for your nose at least. Breathe easy – all Citrus Magic products are made simple, with good science and a little bit of magic. Find yours here.


At Home Sprays

Our potent sprays use the power (and science) of citrus to not just mask odors but eliminate them. Spray on and smell the happy.
tropical citrus - original blend spray

Original Blend

Our signature blend of refreshing, odor-blasting citrus.
fresh orange spray

Fresh Orange

A fresh-picked punch of sweet, citrusy orange.
tropical lemon spray

Tropical Lemon

A breezy, beachfront blend of zesty lemon and tropical fruit.
lavender escape spray

Lavender Escape

A serene and odor-blasting combo of lavender and citrus.
lemon berry spray

Lemon Berry

Revitalizing lemon swirled with sweet berries for long-lasting odor relief.
orange vanilla swirl spray

Orange Vanilla Swirl

A magical orange and sweet vanilla mix with a vibrant zing.
pure linen spray

Pure Linen

The breezy scent of fresh cotton with soft floral, citrus and green field notes.

Organic Sprays

100% USDA-certified Organic odor eliminating spray air fresheners. Some of nature’s finest work!
Orange Zest Organic Spray

Orange Zest

A blend of organic tropical citrus fruits.
Lavender Organic Spray


A blend of organic tropical citrus fruits, lavender and eucalyptus.

Auto Sprays

Keep your mind on the road, not on icky odors with our coupe- (and truck-) sized odor-eliminating sprays.
Refreshing Lavender spray

Refreshing Lavender

Find some serenity with this relaxing blend of fresh evergreen, herbs and lavender.
Sea Breeze Linen spray

Sea Breeze Linen

A refreshing combo of clean cotton, vibrant citrus and fragrant florals.
Tropical Citrus spray

Tropical Citrus

A citrusy triple-threat that combines lime, lemon and grapefruit for serious odor-eliminating magic.

Pet Sprays

Specially formulated to knock out pet odors, this spray gussies up litter boxes, pet cages, pet beds, and more.
Ocean Breeze spray

Ocean Breeze

A light and airy mix of spring blooms and crisp watery notes blended with soft melon and mint.
cat litter odor eliminator spray

Litter Odor Eliminator

Powered by probiotics, the “multi-tool” of odor elimination, it neutralizes the strongest cat litter odor in seconds. Continues to work over time, and requires no rinsing, and leaves no residue. Ideal for multiple cats. Pleasant outdoorsy fragrance.

Aromatherapy Sprays

Designed to make ahhh easy, these sprays contain essential oils blended to promote wellness and relaxation.
Clarity spray


Focus and get a boost with a blend of clary sage, rose and mandarin.
Zen spray


Restore harmony with this mix of fir, chamomile and cedarwood.
Calm spray


Find serenity now with a calming combo of lavender, patchouli, neroli and orange.
Refresh spray


Revive and reset with a refreshing mix of citrus, green tea, Mimosa flower and rose.
Balance spray


Relieve tension with the soft floral scent of rose, jasmine and geranium.


At Home Solids

Long-lasting solid air fresheners perfect for discretely sliding behind a couch, under a bed, or stowing in a cupboard to eliminate odors for weeks at a time.
Pure Linen Solid

Pure Linen

The breezy scent of fresh cotton with soft floral, citrus and green field notes.
Fresh Citrus Solid

Fresh Citrus

A zesty, straight-from-the-orchard medley of lemon, lime, and grapefruit.
Orange Blast Solid

Orange Blast

A vibrant, refreshing mix of orange and sweet mandarin.
Lavender Escape Solid

Lavender Escape

The ultimate ahh-inducing balance of lavender, herb and evergreen.
Mint Leaf Solid

Mint Leaf

Cooling peppermint and sweet vanilla come together with a hint of earthy musk.

Auto Solids

Stow these solid odor absorbing air fresheners in the glove box or trunk to eliminate odors for six to eight weeks and hundreds of miles.
Tropical Citrus Solid

Tropical Citrus

This citrusy triple-threat combines lime, lemon and grapefruit for serious odor-eliminating magic.
Sea Breeze Linen Solid

Sea Breeze Linen

A refreshing mix of clean cotton, vibrant citrus and fragrant florals.
Luxurious New Car Solid

Luxurious New Car

That classic new-car smell boosted with warm spice, herbal greens, deep woods and supple leather.
Wild Cherry Solid

Wild Cherry

A sweet and fruity fusion of cherry, berry and citrus.
Beach Escape Solid

Beach Escape

A tropical getaway in a tiny package packed with sage, rose and mandarin.
Great Outdoors Solid

Great Outdoors

Pure and potent notes of nature, featuring cedar, fir, herbs and citrus for an airy alpine escape.
Open Road Solid

Open Road

A warm mélange of spicy cedar, citrus and herbs.
Refreshing Lavender Solid

Refreshing Lavender

Calm road rage with this relaxing blend of fresh evergreen, herbs and lavender.
Cool Breeze Solid

Cool Breeze

Lavender, patchouli and neroli evoke open windows on the open road.
Fragrant Bouquet Solid

Fragrant Bouquet

Sweet, exotic notes of lilac, lavender, lily and citrus come together to transport you directly to fresh flower fields.
In the Grove Solid

In the Grove

Like toting around a tree: A citrus-packed punch of sweet mandarin and orange.
Tropical Fruit Solid

Tropical Fruit

Hit the beach with this vibrant blend of citrus, mango and greens.

Closet Air Freshener Solids

Trade dank, dingy closet smells for a breath of fresh, light scent with our unique closet air fresheners. Each delivers a natural, dual-action formula consisting of vegetable-based odor eliminators and baking soda.
Citrus Burst Solid

Citrus Burst

Our classic, citrusy mix of orange and mandarin.
Fresh Lavender Solid

Fresh Lavender

Herbal, evergreen and lavender notes intertwine for lasting freshness — and stress relief.
Cedar Closet Solid

Cedar Closet

A deep, woodsy blend of cedar, greens and nectar that recalls an old-school cabin closet.

Aromatherapy Solids

Pre-blended essential oil perfection, our ZenScents solids are designed to take the guesswork out of aromatherapy, promoting peace and harmony in your home.
Clarity Solid


Focus and uplift with a blend of clary sage, rose and mandarin.
zen Solid


Restore harmony with a mix of fir needle, chamomile and cedarwood.
calm Solid


Find serenity with a calming mix of lavender, patchouli, neroli and orange.
refresh Solid


Revive and reset with a refreshing blend of citrus, green tea, Mimosa flower and rose.
Balance Solid


Relieve tension with a floral mix of rose, jasmine and geranium.

Pet Solids & Litter Paws

Place just one of these little paws in your litter box and you’ll get a solid week of freshness (and relief from litter box odors).
Ocean Breeze Pet Litter Paws

Ocean Breeze

A sparkling mix of melon, mint and cool water.
Outdoor Fresh Pet Litter Paws

Outdoor Fresh

Alpine fir, cedarwood and winter florals combine for long-lasting, open-air freshness.
Fresh Linen Pet Litter Paws

Fresh Linen

Clean, refreshing cotton with hints of greens, florals and citrus replaces unpleasant odors.
Set one of these Solids near your litter box or other places where your pet likes to hang out, for 24/7 freshness.
pet fresh citrus Solid

Fresh Citrus

A citrusy blend straight from the orchard.
Pet Pure Linen Solid

Pure Linen

The soft, breezy scent of fresh cotton.

Holiday (seasonal)

Our seasonal home fragrances bring merry and cheer to every home for the whole holiday season.
Evergreen Solid


The forest comes indoors with the refreshing blend of cedar, balsam, winter berries and icy citrus.
Peppermint Solid


A sweet swirl of cool peppermint, smooth vanilla and refreshing eucalyptus.


An assortment of cleaners for all of your household needs. Highly effective, yet gentle and fresh smelling, they’re ready to tackle the toughest jobs.
All-Purpose Cleaner

All-Purpose Cleaner

Our powerful but gentle all-purpose cleaner cuts through grease, eliminates odors and leaves you with a sparkling fresh scent. Our classic Citrus Magic scent keeps your home smelling bright and clean, even after grime and grease are gone.
Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner

NEW! Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner

Keep your family safe & healthy with the new hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial formula. Cleans and disinfects hard, non-porous surfaces throughout your home. Kills 99.9% of Germs*
Pet Odor Eliminator

Pet Odor Eliminator

Neutralize pet odors in seconds with this fragrance-free, colorless spray made from a safe, effective formula of vegetable-based enzymes that are even ok to spray directly on your pet!
Pet Stain Remover

Pet Stain Remover

Eliminate set-in pet stains and odors from carpet, upholstery, clothing and more with this formula — and stop pets from soiling the same area again — with the power of citrus and oxygen-rich cleaners.
Foaming Pet Cleanser

Foaming Pet Cleanser

Ideal for hard-to-bathe pets, this fragrance-free, colorless pet cleaner doesn’t have to be rinsed out, deep cleaning without harsh chemicals.
Pet Surface Odor Eliminator & Refresher

Pet Surface Odor Eliminator & Refresher

Ideal for eliminating urine odors in pet cages and bedding, these cedar shadings contain a safe, effective formula of vegetable-based enzymes that neutralize pet odors on contact and offer up a cedar, winter floral, herb and citrus scent.

Moisture Absorbers

At Home Moisture Absorber & Odor Eliminator

Mineral crystals pull excess moisture from the room, absorb odors and freshen the air to keep damp basements, steamy bathrooms and musty closets clean and dry.
Fresh Linen Moisture Absorber

Fresh Linen

The pure scent of cotton mixed with floral, herbal, and citrusy essential oils for an instant clean smell.
Fresh Citrus Moisture Absorber

Fresh Citrus

A revitalizing mix of lemon, lime and grapefruit that will transport you straight to the orchard.

Closet Moisture Absorber & Odor Eliminator

Our moisture-absorbing mineral crystals pull excess moisture from the room, absorb odors and freshen the air, making them the perfect choice for dank, damp closets where humidity is an issue.
Crisp Linen Moisture Absorber

Crisp Linen

A fresh burst of clean cotton infused with light florals, snappy citrus and breezy greens.

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