Citrus Magic On The Go Odor Eliminating Air Freshener Spray, Sea Breeze Linen

  • SEA BREEZE LINEN – A warm summer breeze over flowering lavender and just-washed linen and aromatic herbs
  • HIT THE ROAD – Reach for a Vegan, Plant-Based Odor Eliminator to instantly revive your ride’s personality with tantalizing scents, while telling those odors to hit the road
  • REFRESHING SCENTS – Our thoughtfully curated scents are exactly what you need to give your car the extra scented boost it needs
  • 360DISPENSE – Our recyclable 360Dispense packaging technology provides continuous spray action in any direction without the use of propellants
  • ADVENTURE AWAITS – Our always-on odor vanishing ingredients are ideal for: cars, trucks, vans, RVs, boats, and more


Odors in a car are as frustrating as a backseat driver, while we can’t get rid of one of these things – we can, however, get rid of the troublesome odors! Gingerly spritz a bottle of Citrus Magic On the Go Spray Air Freshener around your ride to instantly revive the air with ahhhh-some scents and Plant-Based Odor Eliminating ingredients. Our unique, vegan, and safe ingredients work together to create instant unwanted odor relief from common auto smells like smoke, food, mildew, pet smells, and more! The best part is you are effectively eliminating odors versus just masking them. Always hop in and love the way your car, trucks, van, boat, RV smells with light and refreshing fragrances that won’t ruin your car interior. The next time you head on your next adventure, pick up your next rideshare rider, commute to your day-to-day or wherever your drive takes you, enjoy the ride while leaving the odors behind. Experience the Magic!