Citrus Magic Products

There’s Magic
In the Air!
And Some Science.

Packed with the same powerful odor eliminators that make peeling a ripe orange so refreshing, Citrus Magic combines the science of nature with the sparkle of clean fragrances that don’t overpower your nose. We can’t cram the whole orchard into one spritz, but we sure can take you there for a few magical moments.

Citrus Magic Odor Eliminator Products

Get Back To Fresh

From old dogs to old cars, our just-plain-fresh formulas will make your life smell a little brighter. Drop ‘em here, spritz ‘em there; no matter your space or odor issue, Citrus Magic has a fix.

Citrus Magic Air Freshener Products

Good Scents All Around

What’s your favorite smell? Floral or fruity? Clean and green or deep and delicious? From original invigorating citrus to soothing lavender (and everything between), we’ve got the right scent to fit just right in your life—and your nose.

Simple Magic

Breathe Easy with Citrus Magic Products

Breathe Easy

No complex chemicals no one can pronounce. Just the power of citrus, pure and potent.

Non-Aerosol Air Fresheners

Nature Forward. Science Driven.

Inside that can is a bag full of nothing but active-ingredient freshness—not water and propellants, like other brands. For us, non-aerosol is the way to be, so that crisp, clean scent is all you’re inhaling.

Long Lasting Citrus Odor Eliminators

One Little Spritz.
Long-Lasting Freshness.

Citrus Magic spray’s formula features 100% active citrus ingredients (d-limonene, if you’re feeling sciency), so it freshens up to 4X times longer with a single spritz.

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Fresh Reviews

We’re not creating world peace, but we are making lives better, one scent at a time. Read about our customers’ most magical experiences with our products.

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