Citrus Magic Limited Edition Odor Eliminating Air Freshener Spray, Limoncello

  • LIMONCELLO – The enticingly fresh scent of indulgent, sunny limoncello joins shimmering white citron sweetened by pure sugarcane, sun-kissed mandarin, and a warm touch of rich vanilla musk.
  • CITRUS-BASED – Reach for a Natural Citrus-Based Odor Eliminator that uses the power of nature to eliminate troublesome odors and sprinkle the air with freshness
  • WHIMSICAL SCENTS – The swirls and blends of our specially curated fragrances smell as magical as fall feels
  • SAFE INGREDIENTS – Fill your hearts with the warm feeling of knowing our products are safe for you and your family when used as directed
  • ESSENTIAL OILS – Our fragrances contain essential oils to bring aromatic essences to your spaces this fall
  • 360DISPENSE – Our recyclable 360Dispense packaging technology provides continuous spray action in any direction without the use of propellants


Flowers are blooming, greenery is everywhere, warmer weather has arrived, and Citrus Magic® has perfected the scents to help you step into spring. Usher in the season of renewal with the Citrus Magic Limited Edition Spring Spray Air Freshener fragrances that embody the smells of spring, while containing curated essential oils, safe when properly used, are cruelty-free, thought-fully chosen ingredients, and no harsh chemicals like propellants, formaldehyde, benzene, phthalates, SLS/SLES, and Ethylhexanol. Reach for a natural citrus-based odor eliminator that uses the power of nature to eliminate troublesome odors and sprinkle the air with a quick burst of freshness for all your home decorating and cleaning needs. Best of all, our citrus-based sprays last up to 7+ hours in the air, so you’ll be saying “ahh” over and over again. It’s magical!