Citrus Magic For Closets Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener, Citrus Burst

  • Provides a distinct and pleasing fragrance designed to eliminate odors from closets, drawers, cabinets and other areas where clothing, shoes and linens may be stored
  • Long-lasting, convenient odor absorber that freshens and cleans the air
  • Created with a unique formula that helps control odors up to 8 weeks
  • Easy-to-use, 8-ounce size
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Citrus Magic For Closets Citrus Burst Solid Air Freshener provides convenient and long-lasting odor control. Created with a unique formula, the solid air freshener absorbs and eliminates odors as it leaves a clean, fresh scent in the air. Perfect for any room throughout the house including: basement, laundry room, and bathroom, pet areas, cars, closets, and more! Eliminate foul odors throughout your home like smoke, mildew, and mold. Enjoy all the popular scents and freshen your home with Citrus Magic Solid Air Fresheners.